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I opened a box of cookies, inside were two sleeves of a thick foil like material. I opened a sleeve and inside was a plastic tray devided into widely spaced small compartments. The four small compartments held three very small cookies each for a total of 12 tiny cookies. If those cookies were put loosely in the box they came in, there would be room for 4-5 dozen more cookies. Seems to me they could make ore cookies at the cost of all those containers but then they couldn’t charge as much for that big box filled mostly with air and misrepresentation. Bacon has gone from 500 to 350 grams at the same price and the bacon has been turned around so we cannot see the fat. Ice cream went from 2 litres to 1.89 to 1.50 litres with no change in price. I picture someone setting in their ivory tower congratulaing themselves for coming up with another idea of how to charge their customers more by giving them less so they themselves can make more of the money they can’t take with them when they die. PS have you noticed